The Beauty of Solitude at Adah Rose Gallery

by | Feb 8, 2022 | Blog post

The Adah Rose Gallery is pleased to present The Beauty of Solitude – the paintings of Nathan Mullins and Emily Pettigrew. For each this is their first show with the gallery. The exhibition is ongoing through March 2nd, 2022. It is also available for viewing on Artsy.

There is a deep sense of Mythology and timelessness in the Oil Paintings of Nathan Mullins. Many of his paintings are beautiful recreations of baseball stills of the players he idolized in his youth. He also creates quiet images of solitary women, goddesses of our time; heroic in their everyday lives. Nathan received his BFA from Southern Mississippi State University in 2012 and his MFA from American University in 2015. He currently resides in Hattiesburg MS and is a visiting Professor at Southern Mississippi State University. Nathan has exhibited at the Katzen Art Museum at American University, Thomas University, Almost Circle Gallery, Anamalous Gallery and the New York Studio School.

He could go all the way, oil on canvas, 2021

 Emily Pettigrew’s paintings include scenes of solitary figures and quiet interiors. Her figures seem to step out of the pages of novels into pared down peaceful landscapes with strong narratives and a wonderful sense of timelessness. Her palettes are elegant and simplified adding to the intimacy of each painting. There is a quiet reverence for nature and history. Emily received her BFA from Pratt Institute in 2013. She has exhibited in numerous shows including the Historic Hunting Tavern Museum, Mona Rowe Gallery, Bo Lee gallery, James May Gallery and the Argosy Bookstore. She is the recipient of a Society of Illustrators Award and a recent review in Hyperallergic Magazine.

Quilt Show, Acrylic and Graphite on Wood

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