by | Sep 10, 2021 | Art World Events, Blog post

From September 20th to the 26th, VOLTA Basel returns for its 16th edition as part of Art Basel Switzerland, where AWAD global member gallery, Abigail Ogilvy Gallery will present new artworks in a two-person presentation by painters Austin Eddy and Natalia Wróbe.

In the gallery’s booth both artists create a visual dialogue through hidden shapes, scaffolding, and figures. For Eddy, his process produces semi-representational works that convey emotions and energies of situations and individuals; the paintings have been broken down to the basic building blocks of each story or object being portrayed.

For Wróbel, she establishes the conditions all-over the canvas, utilizing the natural movement of her body to create a foundation for the painting, which she considers a “sacred scaffolding.” She then dives into the composition and attempts to resolve the chaos. The resulting paintings seem alive—at one glance still, at another moving—with forms coming together and breaking apart.

In Wróbel’s paintings, she references mindfulness philosophy, neural networks, elements from nature, particle cosmology, classical, jazz, and electronic music, ancient architecture, lyric poetry, and theories about the interconnectedness of the universe to elicit meditative abstractions. The imagery becomes their own personal language. Eddy utilizing geometric assemblages that become objects, and within Wrobél’s brushstrokes a place and time emerge.

The two artists are true painters, their artwork responding to modern events while also looking back at the art historical canon.

For more information on the gallery please visit www.abigailogilvy.com