Arteria Gallery’s auction for charity

by | Apr 2, 2021 | Blog post

Many AWAD member galleries and businesses use their passion for art to benefit of their community. In March 2021, Arteria Gallery, for its annual charity auction partnered with the Lojiq Foundation and its Zero Carbon program. This virtual art auction raised $14,670 to plant hundreds of trees in the Brome-Missisquoi region, in partnership with the non-profit organization Arbre Évolution!

The Gallery, which participates in up to fifteen fairs a year on four continents, has long dreamed of becoming carbon neutral. Attending fairs, involves air travel for both staff and the artwork they are showing. In addition, throughout the year the gallery has multiple shipments of artwork by varied modes of transportation to the four corners of the world. 

Individually, we take environmentally friendly actions, the whole team has always been very conscious, but we were well aware of the impact of our professional activities!  We wanted to be part of the solution “ says director Geneviève Lévesque.

Arteria Gallery’s charity auction to support the Lojiq Foundation and its Zero Carbon program was originally supposed to launch in spring 2020, but with the international health situation, the gallery had to rethink how to hold the event.  A virtual auction seemed to be the logical solution. Iegor auction house had the platform that enabled the gallery to this year hold the event. They were able to host the twenty lots donated by the gallery and thus offer the gallery and its artists find a new home and way to support a cause near and dear to their hearts and values.

“Covid has taken up a lot of media attention this year, and rightly so, but climate change has not really taken a break. This social reforestation activity is also important to us in order to raise awareness and contribute to improving our community. A portion of the funding will also be used to create a food forest that will be accessible to all!” to add Chloe Lou Moylan from the gallery, who set up the virtual auction.

Planting locations have not yet been determined, this announcement should be made in the spring. The City of Bromont is currently participating in the call for projects offered by Arbre Évolution to find the most suitable sites

The Arteria Gallery

Since 2008, the gallery located in the heart of the Old Village of Bromont has been able to have its artists recognized around the world. Its mission is job creation for emerging artists and the company is on the way to becoming a leader in exporting works of art and implementing innovative practices in the development of the Quebec market.

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