by | Mar 22, 2024 | Blog post, Partners of AWAD: News, Updates and Advice

AWAD is delighted to announce new commercial partnerships with a trio of core providers to the art world:

Gallagher Fine Arts & Jewelry specialise in art insurance as part of a global insurance and consulting business.

Tagsmart provides a secure, clear and transparent record of the history of your artwork collection, making it easier to establish its legitimacy and provenance for the future.

The British Shop has expertise in shipping fine art and antiques around the world.

You can find out more via our Partner Directory and by checking our Partners Offers page (in Members’ only content) which we will update with further offers shortly.

After a rewarding year working together, we are also saying goodbye to corporate partners, Convelio. Convelio said:

AWAD is an invaluable force in empowering and supporting women in the art market. The team’s dedication to organizing relevant and engaging events and conferences provides a platform for meaningful discussions and connections within the industry. AWAD’s efforts in building bridges between its members have created a supportive network that fosters collaboration and success. Convelio is proud to have worked alongside AWAD, recognizing them as a necessary and impactful organization in the art world.”