AWAD at Miami Art Week

by | Nov 27, 2023 | Blog post

This year Miami Art week takes place December 5th – December 10th. Participating AWAD galleries will showcase their artists at five different fairs. We invite you to visit them all as well as the other exciting events and fairs to be found throughout Miami and Miami Beach.

aqua art miami

High Priestess Project – Stand n° 206 showcasing Robb Hohmann, Teresa Meirer, Denise Cummings, Scott McDermott, Matt Gunther, Sarah Gerard, Roberta Ruocco, Liam Alexander, Mary Lynn Blasutta, Dolly Faibyshev and Stephen Mallon.

MK Apothecary – Stand n° 209 featuring Haley Manchon, David Tyndall, Jodi Gerbi, Luiza Maia, Benjamin Howard and Allan Gorman.

Showcase 14c – Stand n° 225 presenting Teena Soni, RJ Calabrese,Thomas Carlson,Tasha Lewis, Charlie Spademan, Fabricio Suarez, Kathleen Beausoleil, Melody Boone, Olga Nenazhivina, Valerie Huhn, Jamie Levine, David DISTORT, Ann Vollum and Christine Barney.


The White Room Gallery – Booth B0150 features Lynn Savarese, Greg Lotus, Nelson De La Nuez, Seek One, Kevin Barrett.

Art Miami + Context 

Art Angels – Stand n° AM506 featuring David Uessem, Christopher Florentino, Micah Johnson and Olivia Steele.
The Cynthia Corbett Gallery – Stand n° AM100 debuting Chelsea Kinch, Miles Regis, Miranda Boulton, Alastair Gordon and Margo Selby. As well as Deborah Azzopardi, Klari Reis, Andy Burgess, Isabelle van Zeijl, Elaine Woo MacGregor, Amy Hughes, Matt Smith, Crystal Latimer, Fabiano Parisi, and Cristina Schek.
Hackelbury Fine Art – Stand n° AM316 will be showing works by Alys Tomlinson, Bill Armstrong, Katja Liebmann, Stephen Inggs, Oli Kellett, William Klein,  Ian McKeever and Doug and Mike Starn.

Red Dot

11HH Gallery – Booth 602 featuring Luca Lionello, Malena Mazza and Pietro Campagnoli.

Andy Burgess, California cool, 2023. Ink on paper collage on clayboard. 17.8 x 22.9 cm | 7 x 9 in represented by the Cynthia Corbett Gallery.