Beacon Gallery – A Family Affair

by | Aug 10, 2021 | Blog post

Beacon Gallery is pleased to support the presentation, in conjunction with the Brockton Public Library, of Ibrahim Ali-Salaam’s solo exhibition, A Family Affair.  The show will run through August 30th, 2021.

Ali-Salaam’s exhibition consists of paintings centered around his series Beautiful Little Monster, an ongoing collaboration with his son, Joaquin (9). These pieces represent both his son’s growth, Ali-Salaam’s evolution as a father, and the re-making of their family unit after a 2017 divorce. Every few months the two collaborate, making a piece that represents both a bonding experience and a chance to mark the passage of time. 

Much of Ali-Salaam’s current work is connected through the linked concepts of one’s sense of self and family, and how we love deeply and make sacrifices for those we care about most.  Through this series Ali-Salaam seeks to capture, in his own way, some of the trials and tribulations of parenthood through a contradictory lens of emotion: offering both the joy and challenges of parenthood, family and caretaking wrapped up together.  

Join the artist on Wednesday August 11th, 2021 from 6-9 pm for a reception at the Joseph A. Driscoll Gallery in the main branch of Brockton’s Public Library to celebrate these works. 

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