Beacon Gallery presents Windows

by | Jun 9, 2020 | Blog post

Beacon Gallery is pleased to announce an online exclusive exhibition, by Fern L. Nesson, entitled Windows. This exhibition of the enigmatic photography features 15 poignant photographs that offer a multitude of perspectives on and through windows. They invite viewers to consider the ways in which this architectural can shape our experience of the outside world, and can be sources of beauty in themselves, particularly in moments of confinement. 

Nesson works exclusively with her camera, using her lens to capture images that leap forth from the dark in mysterious bursts of color and movement. These images, while seeming photoshopped or digitally rendered, are all captured from the real-world environment and are unretouched. 

At times, Nesson’s windows are elegant and ethereal, projecting an otherworldly beauty that inspires and delights. Other works prove jolting, joyous, or arresting; reflecting the overwhelming omnipotence of windows in these difficult times. Of the series, Nesson writes, “These photographs take advantage of our confinement to visualize our world from this altered perspective,” pushing the viewer to adopt Nesson’s appreciation for the artistry in the fixtures of our immediate surroundings.

Though windows have come to frame and define our connection to the outside world, Nesson reveals that they can also be a source of pleasure and diversion, offering “A kaleidoscope of art for us to create and enjoy.”

The exhibition runs through July 12, 2020

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Image courtesy of the gallery – Untitled 27 by Fern L Nesson