‘EndFragment at’ the Ivy Brown Gallery

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Blog post

The Ivy Brown Gallery presents ‘EndFragment’ an exclusive online exhibition on Artsy.

During times of unknown we cling to the known, the familiar, how we see ourselves and others and the possible fragility that connects and disconnects us. Our feelings about life, death, fears, hopes, trails and achievements are all too clear when we have many moments to contemplate ourselves and those around us. Small things have become big, big things have become the norm, our perceptions, or that of those around us, can bind us, what can we do to break them.

‘EndFragment’ is a collection of artworks by Joshua Goode, David Mellen, Juan Miguel Palacios, Elizabeth Jordan, Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen, Carol John, Laura Mega, Kenjiro Kitade, Ashley Benton, Betty McGeehan, Juliet Martin, Ivy Naté, Kelly Bugden, Van Wifvat, Angelica Bergamini & Tony Moore that express the moment we are experiencing.

For more information please visit www.Ivybrowngallery.org

Image courtesy of the gallery – Bronze sculpture, Marge Simpson Centaur: ‘Griffin’ by Joshua Goode