fission / fusion at SEFA Hudson

by | Sep 22, 2023 | Blog post

Susan Eley Fine Art – Hudson presents a two-person exhibition featuring David L. Bullis and Carole Eisner entitled fission / fusion. The artists are both painters and sculptors. Their multifaceted practices are highlighted in this show. Bullis’ colorful mobile sculptures are suspended from the ceiling, casting shadows as they turn. They are paired with Eisner’s colorful, abstract paintings, whose geometric elements buzz and energize the color fields they inhabit. fission / fusion is on view at SEFA Hudson through October 15, 2023.  The concepts of fission and fusion are well known in scientific communities as atomic reactions that produce energy. Fission is characterized by the splitting of atoms, while fusion is the joining. Both forces work in tandem to achieve powerful effects. They need to break in order to bind. Similarly, Bullis’s sculptures and Eisner’s paintings multiply their force when presented together in this exhibition, abstracting reality to rebuild better.