Garvey | Simon – Bodies and Buildings: The Dwellings of Dance

by | Sep 2, 2020 | Blog post

Garvey|Simon is pleased to present Bodies and Buildings: The Dwellings of Dance, an Artsy-exclusive exhibition curated by Louisa N. Pancoast. Culled from Garvey|Simon’s roster of artists, this diverse selection of works are united by their current of kinesthetic energy, and interest in marrying performance with permanence. Whether painting or photography, figurative or abstract, each piece considers the dynamism and duration of movement, and how it impacts the body and its spatial surroundings. Bodies and Buildings: The Dwellings of Dance features work by Danielle Riede, Bentley Meeker, Ray Kass, Joel Shapiro, Linda Lindroth, Tamiko Kawata, Timothy Hurlsey, David Morrison, Peter Drake, Joshua Flint, and Elizabeth Mead.

Movement and dance take up residence–not only human bodies, but in architectural structures, abstract entities, and spaces both real and imagined–in this selection of works. An inherently ephemeral form predicated by duration, dance poses a distinct challenge for visual representation. It is not merely the shape and texture of the body, but the trajectory of the body through space, as well. This relationship between subject and surround equalizes positive and negative space–background and foreground–adding an element of complexity to the compositional structure of two-dimensional works. Whether focusing on the body itself, or the after-effects of the body’s passage through space, each of these artists attends to the dynamic and transience of movement, and attempts to fix it into permanence. 

The exhibition will be on view on the Garvey|Simon page on through September 12, 2020.