Gazelli Art House London presents Enter Through The Headset 5

by | Sep 14, 2020 | Blog post

Gazelli Art House is pleased to present ‘Enter Through the Headset 5’ (ETTH5), at Gazelli’s space on Dover Street; it will be the fifth edition of Gazelli’s annual virtual reality (VR) experience, showcasing interactive installations from ten artists and artist collaborations. “We are thrilled to be celebrating the fifth-year anniversary of the Enter Through the Headset exhibition series and to welcome back most of the artists showing their very latest works as well as some historic ones dating back to the 1980s. It has always been our priority to support artistic expression through various mediums and today we continue to ensure VR is a celebrated medium in the curatorial space, which has grown increasingly important in our shifting world,” says Gazelli Art House founder Mila Askarova. ETTH5 features artworks from Rebecca Allen (US), Jocelyn Anquetil (UK), BRiGHTBLACK (Simon Wilkinson and Myra Appannah) (UK), Claudia Hart (US), Gibson / Martelli with Roche & Mercier (UK/ Ireland), Michael Takeo Magruder with Drew Baker (US/UK), Matterlurgy (UK), Mbryonic (Tom Szirtes & Xan Adderley) with Xavier Sole (UK/Spain), Iain Nicholls (UK), Matteo Zamagni (UK/Italy). Each individual or collaboration weaves together digital, virtual and augmented elements of the medium to raise topical and urgent questions around the environment, barriers and social media.

As part of the exhibition, Gazelli Art House London is also pleased to host Gazelli Lates, a series of exclusive evening events. Experience the groundbreaking exhibition Enter Through the Headset, with private guided tours and complementary drinks. A portion of ticket sales will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. The gallery is also offering Evening with the Artists program.

In order to ensure that COVID-19 health and safety regulations are maintained and the equipment is sanitised, we also encourage visitors to book tickets in advance for the duration of the exhibition.

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