Gazelli Art House presents Tools of Endearment

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Blog post

Two sculptures by Gazelli Art House’s Kalliopi Lemos, will be on public display for the first time this
October in London. The works are part of a series called Tools of Endearment that is intended to spark
conversations about the role of femininity in modern society. These works join two additional sculptures part
of Lemos’ series that currently are on view at Golden Square in Soho: Bra and Corset.

Bag of Aspirations opened the seventh annual edition of Mayfair Art Weekend on Bond Street. The
event, which was originally planned to take place this summer, launched an extended program of the annual
celebration in the fall. The 380 kg sculpture is made of stainless and mild steel, but closely resembles an ostrich
Hermès Birkin Bag, the handbag named after the French style icon Jane Birkin. It stands at a height of 2750
mm tall and 2750 mm wide. The sculpture will be on display through October 31st.

The Plait, Lemos’ second work, can be seen at the Frieze Sculpture Park, Regent’s Park, where the English Garden is transformed into an outdoor museum. The sculpture will be on view until October 18. The steel sculpture replicates the
image of a chopped-off braid of dark brown/black hair. Hair, an actual body feature, could function as a metaphorical device for thoughts, fears and beliefs. The cutting of the plait thus, although giving at first sight an impression of punishment, is actually a gesture of disobedience, a revolutionary action against beauty stereotypes and any internalisation of patriarchal impositions, an emancipation of thinking. The cutting off from old ideas and perceptions, a deep inner change, a liberation.

Kalliopi Lemos is a Greek-born, London based sculptor, painter, and installation artist known for her large scale public installations. Lemos has been tackling women’s issues through the whole of her work for years. She
discusses the role of her “Tools of Endearment” series in addressing the pressures of female life through the
lens of current global political climate.

On Saturday 10th October from 2pm, as part of the Frieze VIP programme, join the gallery for a walking tour of additional works from the ‘Tools of Endearment’ series at Golden Square and New Bond Street. The tour will end at the gallery with a comprehensive display of Kalliopi Lemos’ never seen before works spanning over two decades.  For information write to rsvp@gazelliarthouse.