Herman Pekel at Red Hill Gallery

by | May 12, 2021 | Blog post

Red Hill Gallery is pleased to present Australia Through the Eyes of Herman Pekel. Pekel is an internationally-renowned artist who has been with Red Hill Gallery for over two decades, and whose reputation and artwork spans across the globe. Much known and much loved by gallerists, artists and art-enthusiasts alike, Pekel’s paintings contain compositional balance and internal pictorial rhythms, a lucidity of colour and surprising tonality.

From the age of 12 I was addicted to paint: its tactile quality, the smell, and the feel. Forty years later, I am still obsessed. The subject for me is of less consequence than the simple act of applying paint. As long as the shapes within the picture plane harmonious with one another, the obsession can continue.
Herman Pekel

The exhibition can be seen in person at the gallery as well as online. To view the virtual gallery please use this link. Reservations are required to visit the show at the gallery.

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