InSight ArtSpace launches new program – Living with Art

by | Jun 23, 2020 | Blog post


For InSight ArtSpace, these last few months have caused much uncertainty and yet with the unpredictability they found room for innovation and creativity. They have taken this time to reflect and rethink their main mission and align it with the changing dynamics in the world. By understanding what clients need and the meaning of art, they have pivoted their strategy to provide creative and virtual experiences for their clients. To whit they have launched an “art and purposes” series – that will feature their artists’ passion and commitment to helping others through their art, activism or emotional process. The ongoing “living with art” series, invites clients to discover art for their home. The series focuses on the beauty and wellbeing that being surrounded by art provides.

The Living with Art Summer Edition 2020 features Shreya Mehta. She is not only a talented artist but also a humanitarian philanthropist. Discover Mehta’s multifaceted mission during this interview and why she uses art as a springboard to help others.

InSight ArtSpace is hosting an immersive /virtual 3D art experience with Sheyra Mehta. Please use this link to reserve your spot.

To learn more about InSight ArtSpace and their mission visit