Judy Tavill’s Entanglements at Ivy Brown Gallery

by | Jun 16, 2024 | Blog post

Through June 26th visit Ivy Brown Gallery to view Judy Tavill’s Entanglements. There will be an Artist Talk & Closing Event on Wednesday, June 26, 6-8pm, Talk Starts at 7pm.

Tavill’s ‘Entanglements’ combines sculpture and drawing to create biomorphic abstractions that seem both organic and alien. Using either ceramic clay or mixed media, paint and graphite, she develops monochromatic visceral forms and works on paper. These pieces reflect the elaborate matrices that form our reality, both physical and intangible. The work references tree-root systems, neural pathways, social networks, webs of cause and effect. Tavill’s work arises from an awareness that we exist in relation to the world around us, embedded in much larger, complex systems. It seeks to explore this experience of interconnectedness and the entanglements that result.

“My biomorphic abstractions range from intimate to immersive in scale, referencing our interconnectedness. Building curvilinear ceramic sculpture and then drawing intertwined graphite lines on the surface, creates energy that seems to emanate from within and radiate outward. The palpable vibration that this ignites informs my subsequent works on paper.  This improvisational process allows me to reflect upon how individual parts connect to become a whole through the continuum of connection that can lead to entanglement. Tangible forms of tree systems, mycelium networks and biologic structures, as well as intangible individual psychological struggles, interpersonal relationships, and sociopolitical tension inform this work. This work suggests the elaborate networks that define our frantic world and invites contemplation and reflection upon the part we play in it.” – Judi Tavill

The exhibition can also been viewed online:

Viewing Room: https://www.artsy.net/viewing-room/ivy-brown-gallery-entanglements?utm_content=viewing-room-gallery-share

Artsy: https://www.artsy.net/artwork/judi-tavill-minimal-abstract-black-and-white-sculpture-fill
1stDibs: https://www.1stdibs.com/art/sculptures/abstract-sculptures/judi-tavill-minimal-abstract-black-white-sculpture-fill/id-a_14377732/