Locked and Loaded presented by Degree Art

by | Nov 5, 2020 | Blog post

There have been many silver linings amongst the unexpected new challenges faced in 2020. Degree Art’s first exhibition since lockdown celebrates the pure, multiple and creative responses this period has enabled. 

The momentum of creativity has never, in our lifetime, felt so powerful. Artists have always needed and have been driven to respond to the world around them. Art provides a means of not only recording a moment in history, but equally gifts a window that transports their audiences on a personal journey they may not have otherwise embarked on.

Throughout the last six months, the diverse responses, interpretations and journeys offered by the gallery’s artists, communicated through multimedia, has driven their determination to use the time they have spent in this altered universe to emerge fully ‘Locked and Loaded’.

The ‘Locked + Loaded’ virtual exhibition and the artwork it showcases, is a reflection of the unplanned journey we have collectively been on, a celebration of what has been accomplished and a permanent reminder, that together, we can transform the world for the better.

The exhibition closes January 15, 2021.

For more information about the gallery please visit – www.degreeart.com.

For an audio tour of the exhibition click on this link.