Lyrical Roar at the Ivy Brown Gallery

by | Nov 2, 2023 | Blog post

Lyrical Roar is an exhibition by Serena Bocchino, curated by Joseph Knight during the Ivy Brown Gallery’s fall/winter season. Bocchino’s artistic process revolves around the concept of organic morphing, where one medium seamlessly transitions into another. The featured artworks in the exhibition will include paintings, mixed media pieces, and sculptures, encompassing various dimensions of human experience.

Jazz music holds a significant inspirational role in Serena’s work. The complexity of jazz styles and its intricate, propulsive rhythms directly influence the lines and shapes that she creates in her art. This influence can be observed in the dynamic and expressive nature of her pieces, reflecting the spirit of improvisation and fluidity that characterizes jazz music.

EXHIBIT BY APPOINTMENT ONLY and runs through November.