Mixed Messages at the Beacon Gallery

by | Aug 19, 2020 | Blog post

The Beacon Gallery is pleased to share their exhibition Mixed Messages – featuring The Tiny Pricks Project.

Mixed Messages is a group show bringing together multiple artists and their work around the concept of sexual violence. The gallery’s intention is for visitors to get a sense of the pervasive and insidious nature of sexual violence in our culture. According to the CDC, over 1 in 3 women undergo physical sexual violence in their lifetimes, as do nearly 1 in 4 men. From what some experience at home or in the street to the words of our current president, this is a subject that impacts everyone.

While the works included in Mixed Messages can only hope to scratch the surface of such a broad and emotionally fraught topic, the Beacon Gallery wishes – most of all – to bring an increased awareness to sexual violence to foster discussion. Often a hidden crime, sexual assault, violence, and even harassment are too easily concealed. It’s time to bring that which is often kept in secrecy and darkness, out into the open.

Mixed Messages includes bodies of works that intend to spark discussion and contemplation. The show will include the Dress in Water series by Jean Sbarra Jones, works on paper by Ibrahim Ali-Salaam, mixed media pieces by Raleigh Strott, selections from Invisible Fractures by Rachel Tine, and works from The Tiny Pricks Project and the Social Justice Sewing Academy.

For more information on the exhibition and open hours please visit www.beacongallery.com.