Perfectly Flawed at Ivy Brown Gallery

by | Mar 11, 2022 | Blog post

The Ivy Brown Gallery is pleased to present Perfectly Flawed a group show with a group show onview both at the gallery and on their Artsy Viewing Room through March 16, 2022.

Many of us strive for perfection and come up against the fact that we are often flawed. We work to find the balance between our flaws and yearnings to be perfect. What is perfection and why do we idealize it, is there such a thing as perfect or is it perfect to be flawed? Is perfection a virtue, is it ideal, is it flawed to even try to be perfect? Included in this exhibition Agnes Baillon, David Barnett, Loren Eiferman, Elizaberth Gregory-Gruen, David Paul Kay, Kenjiro Kitade, Betty McGeehan, Tony Moore & Harold Wortsman will try to answer that question.

For more information on the gallery and to attend the closing reception on March 16, 2022 please visit