Space Deconstructed at Susan Eley Fine Art

by | Mar 29, 2021 | Blog post

Susan Eley Fine Art is pleased to present Space Deconstructed, a two-person exhibition in Hudson, NY that features paintings and works on paper by David Collins and James Isherwood. This is the second exhibition pairing these New York-based artists, following Architectural Musings, which was held at SEFA’s NYC location in 2012. Space Deconstructed offers a platform for the artists to explore the interplays between indoors and outdoors—through fragmented spaces, broken forms and fantastical, even impossible, architectural structures.

By reigniting the dialogue between Collins and Isherwood at this marked moment in our collective cultural experience, new questions arise: Why do our perceptions and memories of places often feel more accurate, or truthful, than the reality of what had actually occurred there? What is our connection with the architecture surrounding us—whether it represents stability and comfort, or manifests continual fluxes? What happens when we are gone but the structures remain? We also cannot help but consider the effects that the recent self-isolation has produced on our relationships to our homes, our environs and architectural spaces more broadly.

Space Deconstructed is on view in Hudson, NY through April 18, 2021.