Summer Salon at Perry Lawson Gallery Fine Art

by | Jun 25, 2024 | Blog post

Perry Lawson Fine Art is pleased to present their Summer Salon featuring artists from the Rockland County, NY area. While the artists highlighted in this exhibition work in diverse mediums and techniques, they are united in capturing broader themes of identity, memory, and emotion through abstract, stylistic or expressive language. Whether through rigorous precision, intuitive mark making, gestural brushwork, or poignant photography, the artists infuse their work with personal narratives and reflections of the world around them.

The exhibition is ongoing through August 4th, 2024. There will be artists talks on Tuesday, July 9, 6 PM, Tuesday, July 23, 6 PM and Saturday, July 27, 2 PM. For information on the talks please contact the gallery at 347.450.2190.

Participating artists include:

Nina Berlingeri, Ken Carbone, Diane Churchill, Brett De Palma, José M. Fontaiña, Suzanna Frosch, Joe Fusaro, Arthur Gunther, Valerie Kleiner Alice Mizrachi, Laurie Peek, Catherine Schmitt, Nate Singer, Justin Smith, Mark Weiss, Joan Harmon, Brian Hart, Monroe Hodder, Joanne Howard, Yoko Iwanaga, Gretchen Kane, Stanford Kay, and Polly King.