The Commotion Presents an Exclusive Online Exhibition and Canadian Premiere: PAST EVENTS JEFF WEDDELL

by | Jun 3, 2020 | Blog post

The Commotion by Truth and Beauty is pleased to share their online exhibition of photographer Jeff Weddell’s Past Events. This exhibition is curated by Peppa Martin.

“The digital revolution changed the urban landscape in many ways, as the world moved further into the technology of 1’s and 0’s. Once commonplace, artfully made posters advertising garage sales, events and various services were regularly affixed to street lamp posts and powers poles, but have now migrated to the plethora of online peer sharing sites.

Past Events is an exploration of the remnants from those printed advertisements on surfaces that line the streets, and that relied on passers-by to spread their message.

I find it ironic that alongside the occasional lost pet flyer, the notices I most often come across now are for people offering help with computer problems.”

Artists Statement

The exhibition runs through June 28th 2020.

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