The Space for Maybe at Fountain Street Gallery

by | Feb 8, 2022 | Blog post

Fountain Street Gallery presents, through February 13th, The Space for Maybe. In this exhibition, the gallery’s core members illuminate and celebrate pivotal moments of artistic creation. The show tells the story of the artistic practices of its core members, which include painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, mixed media and video. It highlights turning points in the unique dialogue between maker and experience, in which action within and around the process of creating inspires thinking, envisioning, and new ideas. Artists are pushed and pulled by their practices, in directions that they don’t always aspire to, triggering imaginative new ideas and new work. This exhibition honors that space inhabited by artists’ minds and bodies as they research, work and think.

The exhibition includes process artifacts and images that will give viewers a peek into the studio, where half-formed aspirations can become art or scrap, and any course of action or reaction can extend the artist’s mind and willingness to consider wildly different approaches to their work.

The show is curated by two Core Members of Fountain Street mixed media sculptor Virginia Mahoney and sculptor Miller Opie.

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